Our Design and Photos

In a CD the graphic side holds a fundamental importance to guarantee, at a first glance, a quality that later obviously you will find in listening an even greater confirmation.

The integral part of the relative professional project for new CDs or DVDs is therefore its covering, comprising a cover/folder, and inlay-card (the two sides of the jewel box or standard case in plastic of the CD) in four colour process plus the label of the disk generally in two colours.

We are able to take care also of this aspect related to the CD, supplying a graphic project and eventual photographs in accordance with the requirements of the client, for the realisation of duplicates of the CD done by ourselves or by an external company. In this second case all the graphic project, including the photographs, are supplied on a CD-Rom.

You can see below some examples of the covers studied by us related to the CDs recorded by us. Other examples of our graphic works at various levels are published in other pages of our Web site. Write to us via E-mail or telephone for particular need or information.

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